The new rising star in the gay community is an eight-year-old drag queen named Lactatia.  Backed by his parents, Lactatia, whose real name is Nemis Quinn Melancon Golden, started performing drag at the age of seven.  In an interview with LGBT in the city, Lactatia explains his 14-year-old sister, Kashmyr Luna Higgins, came up with his drag name. “Well, my sister made it up and we all thought that was really funny,” he said. According to a statement provided to Best Kept

Montreal, Lactatia’s parents reveal their son’s “biggest milestone” was when he said he wanted to be “a girl with a penis” when he was “going through a pretty intense Beyonce phase.” Lactatia’s parents, who call themselves “huge allies,” claim they’ve discussed the connection between drag performance and being gay. They claim that despite Lactatia not currently believing he is gay, “Maybe he will in the future? Who knows.” READ MORE