A woman has had a child with her stepfather to grant her mother’s wish to have another baby. Jacky Edwards, 47, had been unable to carry a child after she suffered a traumatic pregnancy and had a partial hysterectomy 12 years ago. At the time, the mother-of-five thought she didn’t want any more children. She was widowed five years later, but in 2013 met Paul, a 48-year-old chemist.

The couple married in Mauritius in 2014 and a year later decided they wanted to try for a baby. However, due to Mrs Edwards’ age, IVF clinics refused to take them. They said there was ‘no chance’ because she had gone through the menopause and was no longer producing eggs. They were about to give up when Mrs Edwards’ eldest daughter Katherine, 30, offered to act as a surrogate after seeing how much it would mean to her mother. READ MORE