The Michigan Court of Appeals has unanimously ruled that a woman did not suffer sexual harassment and emotional distress when her local Planet Fitness allowed a man who identifies as a woman to use the women’s locker room. “Plaintiff’s allegations that defendants’ policy is extreme and outrageous because ‘it would allow men to be present while women are changing, showering, or using the restroom’ and ‘would allow a man to disrobe and be naked with the women

who are also using said facilities’ are insufficient to state a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress,” the court wrote on June 1. “Transgender rights and policies are polarizing issues and each individual may have a feeling on the issue and on what locker room such individuals should be using. Regardless of whether an average member of the community may find the policy outrageous, the fact is that plaintiff did not suffer severe emotional distress as a matter of law,” it concluded. READ MORE