The Christian community in Ahmedabad, India, is outraged that class 9 Hindi language textbooks refer to Jesus Christ as a “demon.”  The government has claimed that the adjective ‘hevaan’ or ‘demon,’ used before Jesus’ name in the textbooks published by the Gujarat State School Textbook Board was a mistake, News 18 reported on Thursday, and said that the error will be rectified.  The Times of India reports that the Christian community notified the government about the error

over a month ago but no action was taken, until now.  Chapter 16 of the textbook in question states “Is sambandh me hevaan Isa ka ek kathan sada smaraniya hai,” which translates as “one statement of demon Jesus is always memorable.”  Fr. Vinayak Jhadav, spokesperson for the Catholic Church of Gujarat, said that the error was pointed out by the chairman of the GSSTB back in May. READ MORE