An Iranian actress who left Islam for Christianity has twice been denied asylum in Sweden and could be sent back to Iran where the penalty for conversion includes death.  Aideen Strandsson told CBN News she secretly converted to Christianity while still living in Iran. “I read the Bible and I understood what Jesus said about peace, about love, about kindness, and in my heart I became a Christian when I was in Iran,” she said in an interview with CBN’s Dale Hurd. Three years ago, she

moved to Sweden and publicly proclaimed her new faith, but her application for asylum has been denied by government officials and an immigration court.”They felt that, they don’t believe I am in danger and I think that’s the reason,” she said. The Islamic regime in Iran persecutes Christians. House churches are raided and closed, and leaders are imprisoned and often beaten and tortured. The regime follows Sharia law, which calls for the death penalty for apostates. READ MORE