Astronomers are warning that fragments of asteroids which could wipe out entire countries are hidden in the Taurids meteor shower.  The startling finding means that experts may not be able to spot the massive space rock hidden in the annual Taurids meteor shower until it is too late.  According to a group of researchers, one of the fragments could hit Earth in 2022, 2025, 2032 or 2039 during the annual meteor shower. The Taurids is a spectacular meteor shower that

lights up the night skies every November. The meteor shower is the trail of debris left by the comet Encke. But the debris could be obscuring two asteroid chunks known as 2015 TX24 and 2005 UR that are potentially Earth-bound. Earth’s orbit passes through the region in space every few years, and experts from the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Science believe that we are drawing closer to it, and that there may be more unknown chunks that experts have not recognized yet. READ MORE