A pro-ISIS news agency has told followers to stay away from the ‘gathering places of the Crusaders’ as it warns that ‘thousands of lonely lions’ are prepared to slaughter civilians at any time.  In a statement published by Nashir News Agency, people in America, Russia, France, Britain, Canada, Belgium, Australia – and those ‘outside the Caliphate’ – are warned of ‘almost daily blessed attacks’ by Islamic State fighters.  ‘We will explode, run over people by vehicles and cut off

their necks in any time,’ the statement reads.   It comes as the the terror group’s online magazine said the focus of its followers has shifted to carrying out attacks on ‘Crusader soil’.  In a section of the Nashir warning titled ‘O! You Crusaders!’, the author addresses people outside the Islamic State by saying: ‘You have started the aggression against us … and you will pay costly for that’.   It adds: ‘The Islamic State haven’t started the war against you, as your governments and media imagine. READ MORE