(By Christina Patterson) My hair was styled, my church clothes on, and makeup done. I was ready for Sunday morning service. I recently purchased a new lipstick color and was excited to have a good reason to try it out. It was called “Sangria” and was a deep purple that complemented my completion and gave me a boost of confidence.  I attended church with my head held high, shoulders back, and a polite smile on my face. Sometimes a new lip color can do that for a woman. Until I took a quick trip to Target

to pick up a few items. In the clothing department I happened to catch my reflection in one of the mirrors and there it was, quickly ridding me of all the confidence I once had. On my front tooth was a steak of “Sangria” deep purple lipstick. The horror! I quickly thought back to every person I confidently smiled at just earlier in Church. Did they see this? Did they see it and also not say a word to enlighten me about it? I went through an entire Sunday service assured in my polished ensemble only to face the fact that there was a big purple glob of lipstick on my tooth tarnishing my entire look. READ MORE