The Fuego volcano has erupted 23 times, 4 of which really strongly sending ash plumes 4,400-4,500 m. Asl. The heavy rains falling on Santiaguito and Fuego volcanoes created lahars which disrupted the communiation between communities living close to the volcanoes. On June 8, 2017, the Volcan de Fuego in Guatemala erupted 23 times (13 small, 6 moderate

and 4 strong). According to local observers, the Fuego produced one of the strongest explosion of recent years. The 4 powerful explosions generated plumes of gray color rising up to 4,400-4,500 m. asl, before dispersing to the west and north. Incandescent pulses of 150 m. Over the crater caused moderate to strong avalanches in the Santa Teresa, Taniluya, Ceniza and Trinidad barrancas. READ MORE