US forces have deployed another massive aircraft carrier to the Korean peninsula to front up against tyrant Kim Jong-un. USS Ronald Reagan, which holds 4,500 crew and dozens of planes, will join up with USS Carl Vinson to carry out war drills in the hugely tense region. Today’s announcement by the US Pacific Fleet comes after unhinged Kim told his enslaved people to prepare themselves for cruise missile strikes from “imperialist” America.


The aircraft carriers are riddled with deadly jets capable of carrying out precise but catastrophic strikes. It is not routine for two aircraft carriers to be deployed to a specific theatre — a sign of the unprecedented tensions. “USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan are in the Western Pacific, but they are not in close proximity to each other,” a US Navy spokesman said. After sailing from its home port in Japan, the Reagan is expected to reach the area by the end of this month. FULL REPORT