(By Kelly Mcdonald Jr) The association between India and Israel has been somewhat marred over the years. Iran and India have very strong economic transactions, which has hindered Israeli-Indian ties for obvious reasons. Iran strongly supports India, but Iran wants to nuke Israel. Despite this, the Israeli-Indian connection is steadily growing stronger. This has significant prophetic implications.  At first, the close relations between the two countries may seem unlikely. They have more in

common than you might think. Both countries are intensely focused on protection against radical Islam. Israel is surrounded by countries and terrorist organizations that are hostile to their existence. India has a Muslim population of 172 million, or 14.2 percent of its total. Both countries have a need for agricultural development, including irrigation technology.  Israel is now the third-largest supplier of arms to India, selling almost $1 billion in military hardware to the Asian state every year. Israeli companies have invested an estimated $100 billion in India over the last 16 years. CONTINUE