The 28th Annual US Capitol Bible Reading Marathon is well underway, with around 1600 people flocking to DC this week for an opportunity to read a passage from the Bible at the West Front of the Capitol building.  For 28 years, the group has secured permits to set up for 90 hours straight reading through the entire Bible from start to finish. The event always kicks off on the Sunday leading up to the National Day of Prayer, which falls on the first Thursday of May each year. They

began with Genesis 1:1 at 6 pm Sunday night, and will finish reading Revelation 22 aloud together around noon on Thursday, May 4. The event organizers celebrate the fact that because of religious freedom in America, this 90 hour Bible reading marathon at the US Capitol is permitted year after year. Any race, religion, or ethnicity is invited to read passages from the Bible. And come rain, wind, or shine, they have volunteers consecutively reading through the entire Bible. READ MORE