With the likelihood of a major military conflict—if not a nuclear World War 3—involving North Korea and the United States looming larger by the day, speculations about the biblical end times appear to be mounting once again. Further stoking the fire, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted Thursday to impose new sanctions on North Korea amid heightened tensions over that pariah nation’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs, according to Fox News.

The same news outlet reported that Pentagon officials are seeing more evidence of a North Korean military connection with Iran, another country that poses a security challenge to the U.S. Early this week, PRRI, a well-known public polling firm, circulated a press release underscoring some of its past findings on Americans’ end times views, Faithwire reported. Although the findings were gathered more than four years ago, PRRI’s Research Director Dan Cox told the news outlet this week that those views haven’t changed all that much. READ MORE