The world is on edge as North Korea threatens America with a nuclear attack, and many are imagining the unthinkable. If you are half-a-mile from the epicenter of the explosion and have the knowledge on what to do, it’s possible to survive a nuclear blast. “It’s what you do in the first 5 to 10 minutes after a bomb goes off that’s going to save your life,” radiation safety expert Andy Karam told Inside Edition.


“After an explosion, there’s gonna be fallout and that fallout is gonna be intensely radioactive. If you’re outside, that can kill you.” If you can get inside and put 20 to 30 feet between you and the fallout, that distance will save your life. He demonstrated to Inside Edition that if you run to the basement of a building and get as close to the center, as far away from the exterior walls and roof as possible, you may have a shot. FULL REPORT