Fairfax County, Virginia, has become the front line in the battle between American families and those who would impose transgender ideology on school children. The Family Research Council will host a live discussion about this battle that will be live-streamed beginning at noon EDT Friday. Panelists taking part in the discussion will include:

  • Elizabeth Schultz is a Fairfax County School Board member, serving a second term on the board of the 10th largest school division in the nation. Ms. Schultz received the first STAND Award by Bishop E.W. Jackson at the National Awakening Conference “for her bold stand for faith and values, in the face of opposition. She was the only member of the Fairfax County School Board to vote against embedding gender-identity into FCPS policies and continues to stand strong representing the otherwise ignored values of many Fairfax County parents.” She was also received the Courage in Leadership Award by the Virginia Christian Alliance for integrity in education policy and for protecting students and parental rights while serving in public office. Ms. Schultz formerly served on the board of the Fairfax Education Coalition and was Founding President of the Republican Women of Clifton. She has worked as a senior contracts and negotiation professional, in the public and private sectors, in the areas of asset management, information technology and global education. Ms. Schultz has bachelor of science degrees in political science and history from James Madison University. She has been married for 26 years and is the mother of four sons. FULL REPORT