An ongoing swarm of earthquakes, with the largest quakes measuring M6.3, M6.2 and M5.2, is currently rattling near Skagway, Alaska. The two earthquake >M6.0 are the strongest to be felt in Southeast Alaska since a magnitude 7.5 earthquake centered west of Craig on Jan. 4, 2013. No reports of damages and no tsunami threat. A series of strong quakes is currently hitting the Canadian-Alaskan border. Shaking was felt across hundreds of miles, from Petersburg to the center of the Yukon.

In downtown Whitehorse, the shaking set off alarms in at least one business, and small landslides were also observed from that city’s clay cliffs. Power was briefly disrupted in Whitehorse as well. By email, Yakutat resident Don Bremner said he was awoken by the 4:30 a.m. quake, and the following event two hours later “felt as if you were getting a dizzy spell in slow motion!” READ MORE