North Korea has claimed it has an invincible army and has warned it is waiting for an order to wage what it calls a final sacred war.  The strike, the state says, will turn into a sea of fire and destroy what it described as bluffing US imperialists.  The comments were made in Friday’s Rodong Sinmun newspaper, which is the official media outlet for the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, led by Kim Jong-Un.

The article, translated by KNCA Watch, told its North Korean readers the country’s army was an ‘invincible army equipped with powerful strike means and ever-victorious tactics.  It held a special mention for Donald Trump’s administration, saying, ‘the US imperialists are trying hard to attain its purpose through military threat and blackmail while brandishing all sorts of strategic and tactical weapons of demonstrative and threatening nature’.  ‘But it is nothing but a bluffing of the mentally weak and a last-ditch effort of those with miserable end at hand,’ it added. READ MORE