A new health concern is brewing for tick bites. It’s known as the Powassan Virus, and experts say it can be transmitted to humans in just minutes. Dr. Mike Cirigiliano appeared on Good Day Philadelphia Friday morning to discuss the virus and express his own concerns. The virus is spread by ticks, similar to Lyme Disease, but can be spread much faster. Dr. Mike explained that if a tick has been on you for 24-hours,

it is usually cause for concern. However, with Powassan Virus, it can be spread within 15 minutes. Experts are concerned with the virus due to two mild winters leading to more acorns, Dr. Mike explained. The acorns sustain mice, and the mice population is able to increase. This causes problems as mice can carry about 12 to 25 ticks, and move their way on to deer, and then humans. FULL REPORT