Andrea Lucado, a writer and daughter of renowned best-selling Christian preacher Max Lucado, has opened up about some of her struggles with faith, including wondering why some atheists seem “more loving” than many Christians. Lucado wrote in a blog,¬†posted on her father’s website on Thursday, about how she has always questioned stories, including biblical ones, and sought answers ever since she was a child.

“Curiosity and questioning are what have led me to deeper truths about God and about myself and others. But when you grow up as a pastor’s daughter, there are expectations,” she began, noting that her father has been the pastor of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio for almost 30 years, or her entire life. Lucado reflected that on one hand, it helped her grow strong as a believer in Jesus, but on the other, she found it difficult to be raised in front of a congregation that expected her to act, look, and carry herself a specific way. READ MORE