Verbal fights on the Internet are common, be it comment sections or social media posts. Do Christians also fight online? Does one denomination argue more than the others? And why? To answer these questions, the Barna Group conducted a survey, and here’s what it discovered.  When U.S. adults were asked if they ever get in arguments on social media, 55 percent said never, 24 percent said it’s a rare occurrence, and only 21 percent said

they argue online at least sometimes, the study says. But what about Christians?  Among practicing Catholics, 16 percent admit they frequently argue on social media — the highest percentage of any faith segment, Barna says.  Practicing Protestants, on the other hand, are fairly conflict-averse, with six in 10 saying they never have this experience, compared to 41 percent of practicing Catholics, says Barna, and adds, “Evangelicals often seem to be caught in the crosshairs of internet controversy, with recent debates covering everything from the Benedict Option to the rules of the blogosphere. Still, they claim to mostly bite their tongue; seven in 10 evangelicals (70 percent) say they never argue on social media.” READ MORE