(By Michael Youssef) There is an underhanded way to sell products called the bait-and-switch method. Here is how it works: A retailer entices a person to purchase an item. Yet, when the consumer gets ready to buy the product, he is told that there are no more in inventory. Immediately, the deceptive retailer tries to sell the consumer another product that is inferior to the one first offered. If the consumer buys it, the retailer makes a handsome profit, while the customer is swindled.

In the same way, false teachers use biblical words to capture attention and gain the trust of someone seeking the life of Jesus Christ. They use trusted terms to lure people away from the salvation message of the life of Jesus Christ. Essentially, they are the masters of the bait-and-switch method. Deception is a principal tool used by the enemy. Names such as devil and Satan are significant words because they mean “deceiver” and “slanderer.” READ MORE