False Prophets are at it again with the “Doomsday” predictions! This latest one comes, as predictions are being made that an alleged Solar system on a collision course with Earth is going to destroy much of our planet by causing massive earthquakes and tsunamis in August of this year.  This comes from bizarre claims. Claims such as this are nothing new and Conspiracy theorists have long thought that “Planet X” and its accompanying cluster of stars will wreak death and devastation on Earth. According to these “Conspiracy Theorists”

It is feared that extreme weather whipped up by Planet X’s gravitational pull will cause deadly earthquakes and 740 mph tsunamis. One of these guys, David Meades who is a researcher believes that only 50% of the world’s population will be left after the disaster. And then here is the nail in the coffin for this guy’s reputation! The conspiracy theorist, who wrote the book “Planet X – the 2017 Arrival”, has also identified the exact month he believes it is going to happen. He told the Daily Star: “We are in imminent danger! So once again another date setter is claiming the “End of the World” and when the dust settles will be yet another laughing stock to the World. READ MORE