Denmark on Tuesday banned five Islamic clerics and an American evangelical Christian pastor from entering the country, calling them “hate preachers” who posed threats to public order. The move came amidst a public backlash in Denmark against Islam in the wake of Islamist violence a decade ago over Danish newspaper cartoons satirizing the Prophet Mohammad, a series of deadly militant attacks in Europe including one in Denmark and a large influx of mainly Muslim migrants in 2015.

The blacklist, the first of its kind in Denmark, arose from legislation passed last year allowing bans on foreign religious figures the government deems to be a danger to public security. “The government will not accept that hate preachers come to Denmark to preach hatred against Danish society and indoctrinate others to commit violence against women and children, spread ideas about an (Islamic) caliphate and in general undermine our fundamental values,” Immigration Minister Inger Stojberg said. FULL REPORT