(Reported By Laila Mickelwait)  Paris Jackson poses topless on Instragram. Emily Ratajkowski appears in Sports Illustrated wearing only body paint. The 1980s hit television show Twin Peaks is resurrected—this time with the addition of W-rated scenes. Then there is Playboy—the nudes are back!  What is going on with this public nudity craze? We have come a long way since Janet Jackson’s (Paris’s aunt) infamous Super Bowl halftime show wardrobe malfunction in 2004. When we look at our pop culture today, one thing becomes clear:

Hypersexualized objectifying nudity is everywhere. It has saturated television, movies, gaming, advertising, magazines, news and nearly every aspect of the internet. Has this pornified nudity become normal? A simple scrolling through the Instagram feeds of our favorite TV reality stars makes the point. We easily find a trove of photos that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Kim Kardashian makes a habit of posting nudes. She recently disseminated to millions of fans a naked selfie with the caption “liberated.” Really Kim? Are you sure that is liberating? READ MORE