The Church of England has been branded as both “institutionally homophobic” by a gay vicar for its biblical stance against same-sex marriage, and too liberal by conservatives who are installing their own bishop to defend traditional marriage. BBC News reported on Monday that the Rev. Andrew Foreshew-Cain, the first CofE vicar to marry his same-sex partner in defiance of Church law, has decided to quit the Church, calling it “institutionally homophobic.”

“The people of the Church of England, the worshiping congregations up and down the country are amazing people who worship and serve their local communities and do tremendous amounts of good in lots of places and for the most part they are welcoming and accepting of the LGBT community,” Foreshew-Cain said.”The problem is with the leadership of the Church which maintains and promotes policies and practices which are discriminatory against LGBT people,” he asserted. READ MORE