There’s a petition going around to ‘save’ Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ program on ABC.  So far, there are a whopping 355,000 names on the list of people trying to get the show reinstated. But why go back to a network that obviously doesn’t value or appreciate the show’s message and success? It would stand to reason that there would be several other channels or platforms that would be willing to take a proven,

successful program and add it to their lineup. Yesterday, one such network appeared to throw their hat into the ring. Pure Flix entertainment, a Christian streaming service in the same vein as Netflix, took to Facebook and asked their audience what they thought about adding Last Man Standing to their lineup. The response was overwhelmingly positive. “Do YOU think Tim Allen and his producers should take a look at #PureFlix as a new home for #LastManStanding?” they asked, before cc’ing ABC television. READ MORE