A Catholic school board is being criticized and accused of “transphobia” after it canceled an LGBT-themed play that was slated to be performed in five of its elementary schools. Last week, the Niagara Catholic District School Board cancelled the play “Boys, Girls, and Other Mythological Creatures,” which focuses on an 8-year-old boy who suffers from gender dysphoria and dresses like a girl.

The Globe and Mail reports that John Crocco, the director of education at the NCDSB, announced that the five elementary schools cancelled their planned performances of the play, which was aimed at students ages 5 to 10. According to the news outlet, the play was cancelled after a school board official voiced concerns to the five school principals that the play is “not age-appropriate for a predominantly primary audience.” Crocco also said that the play was not clearly advertised to the school board as being about gender identity. FULL REPORT