Famed Muslim-turned-Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi has explained over the years how spiritual visions and dreams led him to accept Jesus, but amid his most recent battle with stage IV stomach cancer, Qureshi said that he recently — for the first time in his life — encountered Christ in a dream. The evangelist said that the dream unfolded after he prayed to God for guidance and direction as he continues to go through chemotherapy to battle his condition, adding that it is something he had “never seen before,” The Christian Post reported.

“A lot of people who are leaving Islam and become Christian do so because they have seen Jesus in a dream or a vision. I did receive dreams and visions when I was seeking the truth about Christianity and Islam but I never actually saw Jesus in a dream or a vision,” he explained in a recent YouTube video. “I saw things that led me to the gospel. I was thrilled to have seen Jesus in a dream. I had been praying for it. I had been asking for guidance and I think I got some.” READ MORE