Troops are to be deployed onto Britain’s streets amid fears a further terror attack ‘may be imminent’.  Theresa May announced the move this evening, less than 24 hours after the bomb attack at a teen concert in Manchester, which left 22 dead and 59 injured.  The Prime Minister confirmed the identity of the Manchester suicide bomber as 22-year-old British

Libyan Salman Abedi.  But intelligence agencies fear he may not have acted alone – leaving open the possibility of an active Islamist terror cell on the loose.    Britain’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre last night raised the terror threat level to ‘critical’, its highest level.   The threat level has only been raised to ‘critical’ twice since the system was introduced in August 1, 2006.   It came after the worst UK atrocity since 2005, when a nail bomber murdered 22 concert-goers as young as eight at an Ariana Grande concert. READ MORE