(By Anna M. Aquino) Fairly recently I dealt with a wolf in sheep’s clothing issue that was complicated and difficult. It amazes me that as I have talked with others I’ve learned that many people have gone through this kind of thing in the body of Christ, yet few people are talking about it. I think often we’ve all found ourselves experiencing the gash of a wolf, and because we genuinely want to think the best of the other people, we turn the other cheek. We think forgiveness means you keep staying vulnerable

and rarely speak up. Forgiveness doesn’t mean allowing yourself to continue to be chewed on and devoured. Matthew 7:15 tells us to be aware that there are wolves in sheep’s clothing seeking to devour the sheep. We also know from Scripture in the last days false prophets and these wolves will increase. People often have this misguided notion that these wolves will be obvious to recognize and would never dare set foot in church or on a platform. That’s not true. There are wolves lurking in pews, sadly sometimes behind pulpits and out in the business arena. READ MORE