(By Kyle Winkler) I’ve said it plenty of times, but it always bears repeating: The devil’s warfare isn’t aimed merely to cause pain and grief but to ultimately skew your view of God. Through his attacks, threats, lies and accusations, Satan attempts to erode your confidence in God’s good character. The devil knows that if he can convince you that God is mad and is therefore afflicting you, then you’ll naturally remain at a distance from your Creator.

As I was studying to write on the subject for my book, Activating the Power of God’s Word, I made a fascinating find that backed up what I already suspected. A highly regarded study conducted by two sociology professors at Baylor University uncovered that nearly three out of every four Americans view God as furious, critical or distant. As I read more of their research, I quickly found that these views represent the common insecurities or lies to which I’ve heard many subscribe. Perhaps you’ve even muttered one or more of these. (I have!)  READ MORE