(By Dale Hudson) Sunday School. Some churches still use this term for their Bible study hour at church. But a large percentage of church leaders would say the term is an ancient relic that has been lost in the progressions of change. Is Sunday School an ancient term? Well, it is over 230 years old. It originated in Britain in the 1780s. During this time of the Industrial Revolution, many children spent six days a week working in factories, which resulted in them being illiterate. Christian leaders of the day wanted to do something to change that.

Sunday was the only available time for these children to gain some education. Robert Raikes, an English Anglican evangelical, was a key leader in starting the Sunday School movement. The first “Sunday Schools” were literally schools. They were places where poor children could learn to read. Soon Sunday School spread to America. Churches everywhere began to create Sunday Schools and the movement became so popular that by the mid 19th century, Sunday School attendance was part of most children’s lives. READ MORE