(By Brandon D. Smith) Blockbuster superhero movies and the latest iteration of the Star Wars movie franchise show the power of a good story. Grown men and young children alike dress up in costumes, stand in line for hours and spend $62 on a bucket of popcorn just to watch larger-than-life heroes do the unthinkable. People are riveted by a good story that seems otherworldly, and they’re willing to scrounge up the money and time to invest if they’re convinced they’ll enjoy it.

In my work with the Christian Standard Bible, I came across research from the Barna Group stating that people don’t read the Bible for a few reasons but primarily because they don’t have enough time or struggle to relate to the language. The stats showed that 88 percent of American households own a Bible, but only 37 percent of people read it once a week or more. No doubt their frustration with trying to understand words, phrases and concepts in Scripture is a reasonable frustration. However, as most preachers have told their congregations, people have plenty of time to read, but they simply don’t want to make the time. READ MORE