After verbally attacking evangelist Franklin Graham on social media, Saeed Abedini turned his attention to George O. Wood. “Head and General superintendent of Assemblies of God and Deception with the Spirit of Jezebel,” Abedini says. “I met Wood the last week I was in U.S. Before I got arrested and he asked me to connect AOG pastors of Iran with him and I did as the only contact person between AOG Iran and U.S. And one of the main reason Iran arrested me was to make connection of meetings with these two.”

Around the time of Abedini’s release from torture in Iranian prison, his wife Naghmeh’s personal letter about her husband’s abuse went viral. Naghmeh reportedly received support from many, including Wood. “When I got free I called Wood and talked to him and let him know about the other side of the story,” Abedini says. Abedini then posted screenshots he claims are personal emails between him and Wood. “I desire for the day when the two of you have only one story to tell,” Wood writes in one. MORE