(By Bert Farias) The Bible is saturated with wholesome and positive statements about sex, food and wine. But the Bible also contains warnings about all three. Here’s an example of the balance of these three sensory delights. Food is a necessity. Gluttony is sin. Sex is a gift from God within marriage. Fornication, adultery and homosexuality are sin. Wine is a pleasant drink. Drunkenness is sin. Among these three delights of the senses, food is the only necessity.

Although some sex addicts may disagree, sex is only a necessity to populate the earth, but not for the survival of the body. Wine, of course, is neither. We must understand that the abuse of any of these delights does not do away with the enjoyment that these things can bring to our lives. Although all three of these delights are permissible and even celebrated in Scripture within God’s boundaries, they are also warned about in Scripture, and can become addictions that bring death and destruction. MORE