(By Rabbi Jonathan Cahn) Editor’s Note: This mystery is taken from The Book of Mysteries, Jonathan Cahn’s national best-seller that takes you on a one-year journey into the desert with “the teacher” with the greatest mysteries of God and the greatest secrets of overcoming in your walk with God, one for every day of the year. You can get The Book of Mysteries for yourself wherever books are sold.

We were walking along a barren plain when he stopped to pick up a desert flower that had just blossomed. “Even in the desert,” said the teacher, “you can find blossoms.” “It’s beautiful,” I replied. “The word for ‘winter’ in the Scriptures is the Hebrew setav. Setav means the season of hiding or the time of darkness. The winter is the season of darkness, barrenness and death. But each year, the winter ends with the coming of the Hebrew month of Nisan.”

“In the spring.” “Yes,” said the teacher. “Nisan is the month that ends the season of darkness, that breaks the death of winter. Nisan is the month when the earth again bears its fruit, and its flowers again begin to blossom. Nisan is the month of new life. In fact, the word ‘nisan’ means ‘the beginning.’ Nisan is the month when the sacred Hebrew year begins anew.” “It ends the winter.” “What winter would be ended?” he asked. MORE