Pastor Mark Driscoll has said he’s not sure if babies and young children who’ve died are in Heaven, including his own child. Driscoll, pastor of Arizona-based Trinity Church, said in a daily devotional on Thursday that the Bible “does not answer” the dilemma, but wrote that “we can trust the God who died so that His enemies could be saved to do what is right in the case of infants who die.” The pastor revealed that he and his wife, Grace, have also had to face the question, given that one of their children was never born.

“Grace and I enjoy five children. We would have enjoyed six but, like many couples, we suffered a miscarriage. Because we love children, it was very difficult for us, and I often tear up when I talk about that loss,” Driscoll wrote.”Our children and friends have asked me what I think happened to the baby and whether or not I believe the baby is in Heaven. My simple answer is that I do not have a clear biblical answer as much as I have God who is a loving and gracious Father whom I trust,” he added. READ MORE