Thousands of fish floating in a pool owned by Tegal Rejo Musirawas Regency South Sumatra, Tuesday, April 4, 2017.
From the recognition of the guard pond, the number of dead fish reached 100 tons. Should those fish will be harvested, but unlucky all already dead. Losses were estimated at 2.1 billion. “That the contents of tilapia, tilapia and pomfret. Today should be the harvest,” said Daryono. According to him, at 02.00 AM, embankment that supplies the water in the pond he

guarded knew had broken. He tried to cover up. But in vain, the embankment of the elderly suffered a broken too wide. As a result, the water supply to swimming fast diminishing, and the fish was deprived of oxygen. “We had to close the breached levee made of wood, so the water remains in the pool. But it can not, because of the breakdown was great. About 7 meters,” said Daryono. MORE