It may not rise to the level of justification by works versus justification by faith alone, but the debate over whether or not Christians should listen to secular music is a prominent one. Many Christian parents strive to think deeply and clearly about this issue as they raise their children to honor the Lord. Into the fray of this debate comes a video published by Joe Solomon who tackles this and many other ethical issues on his YouTube channel.

Solomon reminds viewers of a basic precept that in general, music affects your mood, which in turn affects your behavior. This does not mean that we will always act out on what is being said in music, but we have to acknowledge that not only does music provide us information that shapes our worldview, but it will also bring a mood, whether we acknowledge it or not. For instance, a couple who is wanting to be romantic will probably not listen to head banging rap nor will criminals listen to slow R & B before they rob a bank. READ MORE