Another sign comes true! On April 4, 2017. a giant oarfish – 14.4-feet long – washed ashore in Southern Leyte, Philippines 4 days before a series of strong earthquakes hit Luzon. An oarfish washed ashore in Southern Leyte Tuesday evening (April 4, 2017), sparking fears of an impending earthquake. On April 8, 2017,

a series of three strong quakes – M59, M5.5, M5.0 – hit near Manila, Philippines. Is that another sign that oarfish can feel and sense imminent earthquakes? The last deep-sea oarfish was found along the shore of Talisay, Libagon, Southern Leyte. The female, estimated to be 14.4-feet long and 1.2-feet wide, was seen alive, but weak and most probably died moments later. MORE