In the biggest recorded prayer gathering in Africa, with over 1,7 million tickets given away already, South Africans are taking to their knees this weekend to pray for our country. Apparently, the tickets were only to allocate parking, which means that there may very well be over 3 million people attending. Concerned citizens of all races, colors, cultures and religious denominations have already started descending on the free event near Bloemfontein. “After 22 April, South Africa will be a changed country,” says Angus Buchan.

He is referring to the “It’s time” gathering that will take place on a farm 4 km outside Bloemfontein and is expected to draw a crowd of over a million South Africans. All indications are that this will be the largest day of prayer in the history of South Africa. “The day of prayer is intended for all South Africans of all genders, races and denominations who are concerned about the malice, hatred, violence, murder and corruption in the country,” says Buchan. READ MORE