A twenty-mile wide piece of a huge comet could strike the Earth, potentially threatening ‘all life on Earth’, as soon as 2030, a maverick archaeologist claims. Former journalist Graham Hancock suggests a huge chunk of flaming rock up to 30kms wide, hidden in a comet stream, could hit Earth with devastating effects in just 13 years. Mr Hancock, a former east Africa correspondent for the Economist, publishes the theory in his latest book Magicians of the Gods, claiming that

it proved “beyond reasonable doubt” that a sophisticated civilization was all but wiped off the face of our planet by chunks of the same comet between 11,600 and 12,800 years ago. In the book, he alarmingly claims his research shows Earth could again pass through the same section of the trail of comet Encke, containing the up to 20-mile wide monster in 2030. Mr Hancock has been ridiculed as a pseudo scientist by mainstream archaeologists who dismissed his research of more than 20 years. READ MORE