(By Bert Farias) What some people call the hyper-grace message began as a result of a sort of revolt against religion and man-made rules. A portion of that message, however, went into a ditch on the other side and manifested as rebellion in some believers against every kind of discipline and godly conduct. In a word, Christians abused their liberty. There are now so-called “liberated” churches who party and drink alcohol, all in the name of “being free” from the Law. One church had a beach party with women dressed scantily in bikinis while beer and wine were being served. Their motto: “We want people to know that we’re not religious!”

Hmmm … what does that mean? What are some characteristics of “being religious”? Is there such a thing? I was raised as a devout Roman Catholic. I believe I have a pretty thorough understanding of religion, the Law and legalism—all being used here as synonymous terms. I define religion (without relationship) as man-made expectations enforced upon someone as a means of defining how they may be accepted in a particular religion, church or denominational system. READ MORE