A man who identifies as a woman has filed a lawsuit against the state of Idaho over its refusal to change his birth certificate from male to female. The 28-year-old man, who is only being identified as F.V., was born in Idaho but now lives in Hawaii. According to the complaint filed on Tuesday, F.V. has had his name changed on his driver’s license, passport and social security records, and would like to have his birth certificate changed as well.

“On March 21, 2017, F.V. contacted Idaho’s Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics to inquire if [he] could change the gender marker on [his] birth certificate. [He] was informed by staff that [he] could not do so,” the legal challenge, filed by Lambda Legal, reads. As there is no law regarding the matter in Idaho, it is believed that F.V.’s request for an amended birth certificate was declined because state representatives felt that they lacked the legal authority to reissue the document. READ MORE