Some military analysts have suggested that the war against the Islamic State terror group, particularly in its attacks on Egypt, is a reenactment of an ancient biblical confrontation between Israel and the Amalekites. “Exodus tells of the legendary battle between Amalek, the ancestral enemy of the Jewish people, and the Israelites, which took place at a site called Rephidim, located in the Egyptian desert,” Breaking Israel News reported in an article on Thursday.

“Two thousand years later, a new battle against Israel’s enemies is being staged in exactly the same place: an Egyptian airfield in Bir Gafgafa, which is located precisely on the biblical site of Rephidim in the Sinai Peninsula.” BIN credited the observations to Giora Shamis, editor of the Israeli military intelligence website Debka Files, who noted that on this particular issue, Egypt is an ally of Israel in the battle against the Islamic State. READ MORE