French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen told reporters on Friday that the country should ban Islamic hate preachers and close their mosques in light of the most recent terror attack in the nation. “Our country France has once again had the barbarity of a terrorist assault in the heart of our capital,” she said. “Once again it was the police who were targeted and paid for the fight against radical Islam with their blood.

It is a monstrous ideology which has declared war on our nation, on our reason, and on our civilization.” “The Islamist, Salafist ideology has no right to be in France and should be banned. Preachers of hate should be expelled and their mosques closed,” Le Pen declared. On Thursday, Karim Cheurfi, 39, who had previously been convicted of attempted murder, opened fire on a police van with a Kalashnikov, killing officer Xavier Jugelé, 37. Police became involved in a shootout with Cheurfi, which resulted in the terrorist’s death. Two officers were injured during the confrontation. READ MORE