As morality becomes more and more subjective, the concept of judgment becomes increasingly offensive. This means that the determination of what is right or wrong becomes located within the individual instead of an ultimate objective standard of right and wrong which is none other than God. Over time, the very concept of judgment diminishes and ushers a culture into moral chaos.

Popular Christian author and speaker Francis Chan issues an urgent plea for us not to ignore God’s judgment. Chan asserts that in our modern culture no one really believes in judgment anymore—not even many Christians! The common mantra that is heard is that a loving God would not judge people. The problem with this thinking is that we barely get out of page 2 of Scripture before we run right into God’s judgment. We read about God killing whole people groups in ways that would make anyone pause in sober reflection. As hard as this biblical reality may be, the answer is to not find the wrong in the Scripture but to find the wrong within our own human hearts. CONTINUE