(By Mackenzie Monroe) Truth. Some say it’s all relative, but let’s face it, those people are kind of missing the entire definition of “truth.” When something is true it inherently means that everything else that contradicts it is not true. Truth is absolute, correct, accurate. It does not bend to feelings or changes in culture, it simply is.

Truth is also generally not popular opinion. Today’s culture elevates acceptance, and moreover, the actual condoning of sin in the name of “love,” over the basic, clear-cut truth of the Bible which always pairs love with truth. One without the other is sadly ineffective and misleading.


As believers, we have seen this happening for years. It’s been obvious that our road is narrow and we are not of this world, but this is where it becomes scary and slippery. That dividing line that used to distinguish us as followers of God is becoming fuzzier and fainter and the corruption, and all-out manipulation, of the truth is coming from within the body of believers. The church is being swayed by the culture, ladies, and it’s more important than ever that we know what it is we believe and why. CONTINUE