(By Michael Youssef) We hear counterfeit gospels preached across our land every day—in the media, in schools and even in churches. There is a desperate need for Christians to know and to understand biblical truth because the best way to identify a counterfeit is to be intimately acquainted with the genuine article.

Biblical truth compels people from “every tribe and language and people and nation” (Rev. 5:9) to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ—that Jesus alone is the way, the truth and the life and that no one comes to the Father but by Him (see John 14:6).

The true gospel acknowledges that Jesus is God of very God who existed with the Father in heaven before His incarnation. He died for the sin of all those who believe in Him and surrender to His authority. Jesus rose from the dead and appeared before hundreds of people in Israel. Jesus ascended to the right hand of the Father, and He is coming back to judge every human being. That’s biblical orthodoxy—and anything that denies these truths is counterfeit. CONTINUE