One of Britain’s largest banks is to offer “gender-neutral” options for filling out forms, so as not to offend those who do not identify as their birth sex. HSBC will offer 10 “gender-neutral” titles in addition to the standard ones of Mr., Mrs., Ms. and so on. The titles include “Ind.,” short for “individual,” “Mre.,” which is short for “mystery” and “Pr.,” which means “person.” Christian Concern’s Andrea Williams has described the new options as a “denial of reality” that will “confuse

people.” The titles, which came in this week, will be applied across a customer’s account, including their bank cards and correspondence. The bank said that it has also made it easier for customers who wish to “change” their gender on their bank account. Customers now only need to bring a passport, driver’s license or birth certificate showing their gender “change.” MORE